The new "A2" ambulance  is now in service.

Ambulance visability played a key role in the new color scheme.  For instance...

hard to see at dusk or night?

How about now?

The new graphic design is based upon extensive research. 

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ambulance design page.

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Richmond Rescue is a

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Richmond Rescue
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Last web update:  January 20, 2012

Richmond is located at the foot of the Green Mountains in the northwest/central part of Vermont.


This past weekend Richmond Rescue hosted a multi-Agency training event.  By the Audubon Center a "Mass Casualty Incident" was staged.  With the assistance of the Green Mountain Bicycle Club, a mock bike race crash gave local rescue services a unique opportunity to work together.

Participating Agencies were, Huntington Fire & Rescue, Williston Fire Rescue, UVM Rescue, Essex Rescue and of course Richmond Rescue.

Training is not only common in EMS, (EMERGENCY MEDICAL SERVICES) but is mandatory to maintain a current certification. However, large scale events such as this "MCI" are not so common and give all agencies immediate feedback of the operations, coordination and preparation, if such type of event were to occur.

all photos by Sofie Carfaro

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